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How To Use Mass Text Messaging System For Building Customer Relationship

No matter what industry you operate, you have customers and customers are the most valuable asset of an organisation. Therefore, they must be treated with extra attention so that they can aid the business to grow. Traditionally, a number of ways has been employed to communicate and build customer relationship. Today, as the new means of technology has evolved, the ways to build the customer relationship has changed too. With the advent of the mobile and specially Smartphone,  text messaging system has become the new means of building customer relationship. This blog aims to highlight some ways how mass text messaging can be used for building the customer relationship.

Identify Your Loyal Customer & Reward Them

Rewarding the loyal customer is the core of the customer relationship management. It gives them the impression that the organisation cares and will be even more loyal or refer others to the organisation. SMS marketing or  bulk text messaging can be used to send them a personalized message and ask them to participate in a lucky draw. For this purpose, you must sort the list of the customers in the database, who have been buying the products or services from the company. The message can be sent to these customers to encourage them to be attached to the organisation.

Ask Their Feedback or Experience

Customer feedback is important to get the insight of their experience and how they feel about the value they receive from the organisation. Asking the customer about their experience or receive feedback makes them feel important. Companies can send bulk SMS to their clients on periodical basis to inquire about their experience. The message can be sent either on weekly or monthly basis. As a result, you will receive the customers’ feedback, which will help you in improving your business and focusing more on the area, which need extra attention.

Respond to their Feedback

Once you sent the messages to customers to ask them about their feedback, you can receive their feedback in your  bulk SMS online system, website or software. You can easily sort the good or bad feedback on the basis of their remarks, which you can save in your database and can use them whenever needed. You can also further ask the customer to provide the detail about their experience only where the detail is needed. Thus, you can initiate the meaningful conversation with your customers as if they are your family member and you care about them.

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