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Is Online Text Messaging Service Getting Old?


Technological Boom in Business 20th Century

Smarter approaches and successful strategies form the powerful duo that enables the big names to excel in the market. Keep the customers engrossed in your products all the time and captivate their interest by improvising the complementary features. Online text messaging service has acquired immense attention considering the time and money people invest in buying high tech smartphones. Hence, grabbing the attention of the audience via text messages is the latest practice of the business world. This can be easily evaluated by the varied texting packages that are announced every other day by the cellular companies to retain maximum clientele. This era is of technology and improvisation, whereby we witness constant upgradations to ascertain maximum facilitation and ease to the users. The better the faster its sales beats previous records.

RCS in making – Reshaping the Features

However, Google is making attempts to redesign text messaging by collaborating with the renowned phone carriers that comprise of Vodafone, SMS, MMS, Orange and many others. The main idea is to raise the standard of texting along with enhancing the image quality for better user experience. This new mode of texting shall be known as RCS, enabling group texting, group chats and video calling the next big thing. Though, no matter how much advances happen now it does not really strikes to heights, as we have already witnessed technological booms. Hence, the element of excitement seems to be missing because thousands of people use messaging features day and night. In addition, there are many apps like Messenger, IMO, Line, WhatsApp and others that are serving the mankind with the similar easy communication channels and modes.

50/50 Chances of the Anticipated Bang

On the other hand, RCS if lacks the potential of adding in the already existing features, it can certainly help in eradicating the mess and confusion of choosing the best app in order to converse. With simple built in default app, the user can easily use the new feature of video calling without getting in the hassle of figuring which of the specific apps to find thereby making the process very convenient. However, the making of RCS is still under process and time will tell that whether such technology is able to replace the existing text messaging tools or not. As, the service providers will accordingly have to transition their messaging service and upgrade it to RCS standard. So, Android users behold as this new feature may hit stores any time posing competition in the market. It will evolve the entire text messaging experience into a trendy one.

11/24/2016 3:09:56 PM


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